This is a true story of one of our customers!

  • When we arrived at work one morning, we discovered that we couldn’t access our shared files and that we hadn’t opened any emails. 

    It was rumored that hackers had taken over all of the company’s servers, and a fee was demanded this. 

    Unfortunately, for some employees, this situation may even be funny. 

    Anyway, after about three days, we resumed work with our e-mails active and the majority of our most important files on the share deleted. 

    So, who was to blame? 

    • Is it the IT team’s fault that the necessary security measures are not taken due to the workload?
    • Does the company’s owner regard it as an unnecessary expense and does not budget for it?
    • Employees who have not received or are unaware of safety training?

    At Sat Microsystems customers frequently requested information on the following; 

    • Accelerate incident response times. 
    • Hunt for an active or previous attack. 
    • Verify capabilities against the latest threats. 
    • Test your incident response plans with scenario gameplay. 
    • Empower your teams with advanced knowledge. 

    By 2025, 60% of organizations will use cyber security risk as a primary determinant in conducting third-party transactions and business engagements. If you need guidance reach us freely!

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