Technology provides educators with access to content that enhances classroom and remote instruction, thereby increasing learning opportunities. While this is beneficial for students and teachers, it poses a significant IT challenge.

Cyberattacks on educational institutions are on the rise, from kindergarten classrooms to the most advanced university research laboratories. Ransomware, denial-of-service, data breaches, and phishing assaults at the K-12 level increased by 18 percent in 2020, compared to the previous year. Increasing numbers of enemies are likewise looking for rapid money payoffs, helpful personal information, and valuable research in order to get an advantage in their battles.

Cloud based Platforms and Services:

It is more critical than ever to ensure that all students have a connected educational experience. SAT can implement cloud-based platforms and solutions for your organization to support increased change velocity, improved investment efficiency, and future-proof scalability. Integrate systems more quickly to improve staff efficiency and accuracy while also enhancing the student experience and learning environment.

Modern Service Desk and Network Operations

Overcome the Difficulties of Managing a Digital Campus


Our technology analysts can provide a service desk solution by collaborating with your existing support network to enhance your organization’s IT service delivery while also enhancing the customer experience and availability when you need it. Whether you require a full-service solution, a supplement to your in-house IT staff, or remote support to supplement your on-site support, SAT Microsystems has you covered around the clock.

Workforce and Staffing Solutions

Our team of industry-leading recruiters works around the clock to expand our network of top technical talent across the country.

While the supply and demand for technical talent are constantly changing, partnering with SAT Microsystems enables you to meet your organization’s requirements. Whether you require assistance with a short-term project or are looking for that ideal new hire, our workforce solution products and extensive candidate database quickly and efficiently meet client workforce requirements.