How do you protect your business computer against cyber attacks?

  • Someone says: “I’m using my company’s computer to do work remotely, do my emails and files in a safe?” 

    Remote working has become commonplace in our daily lives, and companies are adapting to hybrid or remote working arrangements. As a result, these questions appeared:

    • Is it safe for us to use our company computer on Starbucks Wi-Fi?
    • Alternatively, do the websites we visit pose no security risks?

    However, what can we do about our children, who reach for the company computer at any time they can find? 

    To prevent this from happening you should pay attention to the following activities!

    • Avoid storing passwords outside of the programs you use regularly.
    • A lot of danger in the “forget password” step. Be careful!
    • Once your work is done, log out of sites such as GoogleeBayAmazon, etc.
    • Protect your privacy by clearing your browser’s history regularly.
    • Never try to download movies on the office computer.

    Things to do to avoid accountability from the tech team.  

    You won’t be able to get away from the technical team, and your reputation might suffer as a result of such actions.

    • Protect the security of your office computers. Do not use pirated software!
    • Lock the device if you’re not using it.
    • Log out of untrustworthy websites.

    However, for company security, these only provide basic protection, every company needs a cyber security expert in-house. Call us for more professional support 

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