Games and sports have always been a big part of everyone’s lives, and we all enjoy playing them. However, games are no longer limited to just a few minutes on the pitch. With technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality, it is now possible to create gaming software and gaming consoles that are popular among all gamers worldwide.

In the competitive game sector, where technology is constantly evolving and introducing something new every day, you may face numerous hurdles as you work to establish your brand in the marketplace.

Although AR/VR technology is extremely useful and beneficial, it is also extremely pricey. The difficulties in implementing it, as well as its complexity, add to the difficulty. Furthermore, churn rate might have a significant influence on your business if you fail to make an impact within the first few hours of the game. Another difficulty is the consideration and concern about screen usage, which has an impact on health and may lead to addiction. Such worries make it harder for the industry to expand. There are also additional obstacles, such as the selection of technology and its optimal application, the adoption of blockchain technology, and so on.

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  • Cyberattacks targeting video games saw a 340%  increase compared to pre-pandemic data
  • 55%  of frequent gaming players have had one of their accounts compromised at some point
  • The video game industry accounted for about 11 billion credential stuffing attacks in 2020