Threats and attacks on military systems, logistics networks, information, and communications technologies, and other systems are on the rise for countries’ Departments of Defence. Every branch of the military, as well as numerous defence agencies, have relied on Sat Microsystems to assist them enhance and defend their systems.

Quality assurance is required for security solutions for the defence sector. Independent organizations’ standards and certifications ensure that reputable solutions have been certified by a third party.

SAT  Microsystems can assist you below solutions :

  • cyber risk management
  • cloud security and compliance solutions specifically developed for defence and intelligence requirements
  • For sensitive use cases and applications
  • Network management and defence services

SAT has delivered solutions for some of the most challenging secure mobility requirements. We’ve been providing service members, dependents, and civilian employees with access to defence resources for over 17 years. In designated operational theaters, we support near real-time data gathering on personnel movement and position information for operating forces, civil servants, and contractors.